365: Day 31

Day 31: One of the very many reasons why I love getting to do what I do.

365: Day 30

Day 30: The friends I choose to closely surround myself with are generally kind, reasonable people with some depth, good-intentioned, laid-back, loyal, selfless, and funny. My friends are freaking funny.

365: Day 29

Day 29: There are things that my husband does that make me shake my head. Not in frustration or anger (usually), but in amusement. He does things that remind me of things I remember seeing my dad do, which is just weird. The guy is about to turn 40, so that must explain it.

365: Day 28

Day 28: There was a time when my “thing” was shoes; and then make-up products; and earrings; and scarves; and clothes for my kids; and clothes for my kids; and clothes for me; and things for my home; and clothes for my kids. Now the thing that gets my heart pumping is when I see something that I can use as a prop. It is where my mind automatically goes.

365: Day 27

Day 27: Sick baby girl missed so much school this week.

365: Day 26

Day 26: I dropped the ball, dangit. I did not take one single pic for day 26. Boo.

365: Day 25

Day 25: It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old (wo)man is snoring.

365: Day 24

Day 24: My baby girl has been sick the last few days. Her staying home from school for two days, yes, put a wrench in my plans for things that I needed to get done. But that’s OK.

365: Day 23

Day 23: Today is my baby’s 10th birthday. I love this kid so ferociously, it’s not even funny.

365: Day 22

Day 22: I recently met with the owner of Buon Giorno Coffee in Grapevine and am now the new curator of the art wall that they have at this awesome cafe. For my first display, we have ME! Roughly every month, I will be changing the artist on display there. I’m so excited for this opportunity!