365: Day 26

Day 26: I dropped the ball, dangit. I did not take one single pic for day 26. Boo.

365: Day 25

Day 25: It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old (wo)man is snoring.

365: Day 24

Day 24: My baby girl has been sick the last few days. Her staying home from school for two days, yes, put a wrench in my plans for things that I needed to get done. But that’s OK.

365: Day 23

Day 23: Today is my baby’s 10th birthday. I love this kid so ferociously, it’s not even funny.

365: Day 22

Day 22: I recently met with the owner of Buon Giorno Coffee in Grapevine and am now the new curator of the art wall that they have at this awesome cafe. For my first display, we have ME! Roughly every month, I will be changing the artist on display there. I’m so excited for this opportunity!

365: Day 21

Day 21: I sat down at my desk to find that my daughter had made a helmet for my felt bear rug coaster to “protect his head from coffee drips.” Love.

365: Day 20

Day 20: I dropped the ball again, but I have a good excuse. Yesterday was my son’s 10th birthday party, so I didn’t really know whether I was coming or going. Here’s the only video clip I took yesterday, meant to be published here, of my son and his sleep-over friends in his relatively tiny room, wielding swords and guns at one another in the DARK.

Anyway, I’m again retroactively posting!

365: Day 19

Day 19: I am blessed with awesome friends who happen to be very thoughtful in their gift-giving (not that this is the crowning achievement when it comes to true friendship). I do believe that one of the signs of a real friend is when they are so in-tune with who you are and what makes you happy that they know exactly what will put a smile on your face when your birthday, a holiday, or special occasion comes around. My friends know that they can give me a 25-cent vintage doily from Goodwill and it will send me over the moon. They know that they can give me a framed needlepoint of poppies found at a garage sale and I will love and cherish it forever. In this case, my sweet Jeanine went out of her way to track down this journal for me because she knows that my kids say amusing and insightful things that I should keep documented (not only on Facebook). Anyway, the “what” isn’t what’s important. What pokes me right in my heart is knowing that they get me. I really appreciate how thoughtful they are and there are several (you know who you are).

365: Day 18

Day 18: If you have not signed the petition against the SOPA and PIPA bills, please click here to do so. If these bills pass, the internet as we know it will go black for good.

365: Day 17

Day 17: Someone mentioned Constantinople. But he heard it as “Constant nipple” instead. Oy.